note: this dream is reoccurring and involves one other person, besides myself. He is referred to as K, and is otherwise unknown to me

We're standing in front of a huge, not mansion. It's bigger than the goddamn Taj Mahal. In the middle of a forest, no less. We'd been running through it all day, leaping over plants and chasing each other like thing 1 and thing 2. All day, it's been pouring rain like Noah was making a guest appearance. Eyeing the place, we're deciding whether or not it's worth it to go inside. He's tracing runes into the base of my skull, letting his fingers speak hieroglyphics across my tendons.

As we're standing there talking, the doors swing open. I whisper something to him about the "Addams Family effect" and we go inside into the main hall. Doors are surrounding us, and soldiers stand in front of each one. These are mean motherfuckers, not afraid to take us down.

"This isn't exactly Monty Hall we're dealing with, is it?" K asks.

As soon as he's spoken, the soldiers circle us like frat boys on a sorostitute. I mouth 'knives out' and it begins. Somehow K's already leaped out of the way of five swords at him in all directions, and he's battling like a Mechwarrior. I scale the wall and perch closest to the ceiling, fingers wrapped around weapon and boots pointing to the ground. Uniforms are lined along the balcony, guns pointed at my invisible third eye, and I think they're only statues. The moment I see a bead of sweat hit a rifle, I'm back on the floor, landing by K's side.

We run down one of the longest fucking corridors in existence, and he's pulling me by the hand. Trying a doorknob, we fall into a room and land in a pile. It's very sparse; harsh overhead lights gleaming from all sides. A figure appears out of nowhere, light reflecting off of his skull. He's all silversmile and gnashed teeth. I walk towards him, razor sharp points gleaming from my fingertips, as if I'm going to take him on (and I had every intention of doing so). He motions for me to stop, and I stare - eyes narrowed, right eyebrow raised.

The second I do, he puts a fist through my neural implant; smashing my lcd screen to nothing but snow. I crumple, and K attacks. My head is spinning, and "halo, halo, halo" flashes repeatedly in neon-pink fashion across my brain. Shards are piercing my eye sockets and blood is running down my face, but I'm more pissed that I can't fucking see.

I never did find out what happened to K. I felt him collapse beside me as I was passing out; he reached over and slowly laced my fingers through with his own. The figure is echoing with laughter, and I feel myself strapped down and being dewired. Taken apart, a byte at a time.

i'm in my backyard, watching a huge garbage truck plow through everyone's backyards. men leap off the truck, dig a hole in the ground, then deposit a napsack in it and move along. one of the men is the tallest man i've ever seen, with humongous, clown-like feet.

i hear a beeping as the truck rolls along. i realize the bags are filled with explosives. the charges begin exploding, creating huge trenches in everyone's backyards. at this point i surmise that these men will be back later to lay cable or something.

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