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This dream I deem worthy of submitting simply because it was so damn bizarre, and besides that completely unlike the bizarre dreams I normally have.

I was being held captive in Iraq (and despite the images I've seen of this nation I've been exposed to, it looked distressingly like a mixture of New Zealand and America), and I must have been of some especial importance seeing as I was being held captive in Iraq by Saddam Hussein himself.

To be more specific, I was in a small, cluttered, and very high ceilinged room with Saddam and one of his advisors.
The advisor was quite irate seeing as I was quite drunk and my tyrannical captor was immensely more so.
Then he kept trying to show me hardcore pornographic magazines, and pointing to specific pictures gleefully.

Cut to an exterior shot of some tunnel.
My brother (or someone, my brother was also in Iraq but I can't recall if he was in this part) was attempting to escape to get word out of Saddam Hussein's Plot to destroy France, using Secret Underground Railway Nukes.
Unfortunately he didn't do a very good job and was caught as he crept around a truck in plain view of a patrol - everyone was very good-natured about the whole escape attempt thing.

Then I was dreaming about an argument with my flatmate, about how to correctly cut noodles with a spatula.
Or something.
I was awake enough that I was conscious of actual sounds, so when my flatmate actually came downstairs talking my mind attempted to hear his voice inside my head as well as outside my head at the same time. But they were talking about completely different things; I started to freak out and had to wake up before a blood vessel in my head imploded.

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