During a flight to Seattle from Washington D.C. I listened to some inflight music that was playing. There was jazz, classical, country, foreign, pop, and hard rock. When I would switch between jazz and rock I would pass by the pop station. Occasionally I would stop and listen to a song for a few seconds and then go on to my final music destination.

On one such pass through the pop world I encountered yet another boy band. However, unlike N'Sync, these boys were not even teenagers. I would guess they were around eleven, maybe thirteen at the most. This attracted my attention, I was wondering what a pre-teen boy band would sing about. I began to check the listing of songs. The following is the listing of titles on their self-title album.

  • 1. Feel The Rain
  • 2. They Don't Understand Diamond,
  • 3. It Happens Everytime
  • 4. Gotta Get The Girl
  • 5. Sugar Rush
  • 6. Jennifer Goodbye
  • 7. I Say Yeah
  • 8. Matter Of Time
  • 9. Let's Get Funky Tonite
  • 10. This Time
  • 11. Hooked On You
  • 12. Someone To Hold Me Tonight

    Now, I can understand a prepubescent group singing about a Sugar Rush, but twelve-year old guys singing about "Someone to Hold Me Tonight?" Please. It just doesn't make sense to me how these children could have such intense emotions. Basically all it comes down to is that music today no longer has feeling, but it is mass-produced to sell an image.

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