I asked the Beloved to send a dream before I went to bed. I remember three:

First dream: Sliding doors open automatically. A short squat figure in a mask waddles in. He is shaped like a cello case, wearing black. "Go away, V, I am working." I say.

I wake up. V is a male psychiatrist I saw for a while in 2005. We argued about "containers" and he fired me, for "breaking" it. I was glad to be fired. I don't like containers.

Second dream: L is on a flagstone porch. I am looking through a window. He is spraying a plant with some toxic chemical. It is covered with bugs. The bugs rise in a cloud and land all over him. Then birds land all over his back, eating the mosquitos. They are hummingbirds.
His wife A is beside me.
I say, "He's trying to kill them."
She says, "Yes."
I say, "It's not going very well."
"Nope," she says.

I wake up.

Third dream: I am putting on riot gear, all black. I am lacing the boots. They are heavy and have hard plastic covers like ski boots. I am big and strong and quiet.

I wake up.

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