I just want to sympathize with all the drivers out there who are fast yet SAFE drivers who get tickets for the most ridiculous reasons and unfortunate circumstances. There should be a coalition of "fast safe drivers" created to lobby our interests, that is:

1. Allow the drivers to drive fast, but safely;

2. Educate drivers that go "fast and crazy" that this mentality is not condoned;

3. Driving fast means also knowing the rhythm of the traffic and to work with it, not against it;

4. Long sections of traffic-free highways should allow faster travelling speeds. Once the driver approaches traffic, they should slow down;

5. Driving fast does not necessarily mean being irresponsible.

Yes, laws are there to regulate, but for those who know what responsibility and safety means, there should be some "leniency" towards fast but safe drivers who *know* what they're doing.

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