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Faction Profile for the Avalon Hill Dune board game.

As the Fremen you play Dr. Kynes. Your heroes are Stilgar, Chani, Ortheym, the Shadout Mapes and Jamis.

The Fremen start with almost no money, all of their troops are already on Dune (but on the other side of the planet) and control of Sietch Tabr.

The Fremen are native to Dune and know its ways. They have the following advantages:

  • Walking for the Fremen is faster than for everyone else.
  • They may not use the Guild for transport, but instead bring their troops onto the board from the otherside ofthe planet for free, and in a fashion that gives them more flexibility than the Guild does.
  • If a worm appears where the Fremen have tokens, they are immune to it and may ride it anywhere on planet.
  • You have before knowledge of where the storm will next hit.
  • During a spice blow, if more than one worm shows up after the first you may decide where it goes.
  • If caught in a storm the Fremen only lose half their forces instead of all.
  • The Fremen have 3 elite units (Fedaykin) which are twice as powerful as other soldiers.

The Fremen have a special victory option, reprinted here from the rules because it would be impossible to paraphrase:

"If no player has won by the end of the game (the game lasts 15 turns) and you or no one else controls Sietch Tabr or the Habbanya Ridge Sietch and neither Harkonnen, Atreides nor Emperor occupies Tuek's Sietch, you have prevented interference with your plans to alter Dune and you automatically win the game."

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