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A syndicated-only television comedy western from 1973, about 7 people on a wagon train, lost in the wild wild west.

Featuring the following:

Premiering in 1973, but only lasting half a season in syndication, this was Sherwood Schwartz's attempt to revive the tired formula from the original Gilligan's Island series - right down to casting Bob Denver as the Gilligan-like scout the show is named after. Much like the famous castaways, this little troupe finds themselves astray as a direct result of Dusty's inept guiding. Naturally, much hilarity ensues as they try to make their way across the wild west.

Theme to "Dusty's Trail"

Let's follow the path of Dusty's Trail
Oh, Dusty's Trail
Dusty's Trail
A stage and a wagon a-headin' west
Part of a wagon train lost from the rest
Dusty's the reason for their plight;
Thanks to Dusty, nothin's right
Only the wagonmaster's hand
Keeps them a-rolling to the promised land.
Oh the going gets mighty rough, but they don't seem to mind
It's Califor-ni-a - that's the place they must find,
Deserts and rocks are in their way,
But they won't stop, come what may
Mountains and hills that they must scale,
But they know they'll make it 'cause they just can't fail
On Dusty's Trail

IMDB - http://us.imdb.com/Title?0069577
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Lee Goldberg's TV Themes - http://www.lgoldberg.com/tv_themes.htm - for the theme to "Dusty's Trail"

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