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As part of the epplet-base package for the enlightenment window manager, there's a rather odd one called E-Pants. The epplet itself is just a small bar, themed to your enlightenment theme that says "Pants on" or "Pants off". Mousing over the epplet reveals a close button, a vertical arrow button, and a "?" button. Clicking the "?" will open a Dox window with an odd haiku-esque piece of free verse:

Some times my pants are on.
Some times they are off.
That's why I have E-Pants

The vertical arrow toggles the state of the epplet from "Pants on" to "Pants off" or the other way around. Clicking on the words "Pants on/off" will open a drop down box revealing the times of the last few changes. The close button, of course, closes the epplet.

I have yet to find a single decent use for this epplet aside from novelty value, and something to node about. Who needs to tell their computer when they have pants on or off?

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