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I know there are quite a few people who don't participate in Secret Santa for one reason or another - some have sent gifts and not gotten anything in return, some don't know what to get a total stranger, some don't do the feel-good gifty thing, some don't do Christmas... - so I decided that I should start a new thing this year.  Introducing.....

E2 Secret Grinch 2011

The idea here is that you don't have to sign up, don't have to be assigned, just pick someone you want to surprise, weird out and/or fascinate in an unhealthy way, and send them a surprise.  I will be the clearinghouse for requesting addresses so they won't know who it's coming from if necessary - just drop a note with this on it into the package/letter/biohazard bag:


You have been Grinched!  Please /msg gwenllian on E2 and let her know what you received so everyone can share in the joy/horror/need for counseling.  Happy Festivus!

If you would enjoy being Grinched, you can /msg me and I will put you on a list to pick from.  However, if you want to Grinch someone NOT on the list I will request their address for you :).


 Evil Catullus says My secret Grinch sent me a lovely little red leatherbound cocktail recipe book published in 1934. Alas, I think my heart grew three sizes today.

corvus says My secret Santa package arrived today. A bunch of mix cds, which is great! (hahaha, can't tell the difference between Santa and the Grinch...)


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