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First and foremost, E2 is everybody's baby. No one person, nor one faction of noders can or should define what E2 should be. The only person who might have the right to say what E2 is is Nate, because he created it in the first place. I honestly don't think Nate has a set vision for E2, though I could be wrong. I haven't asked him about it or anything. It's just my opinion.

Remember that there is no one, set purpose to Everything2. There are suggestions of purpose. There are suggestions of how to node. But in the end, Everything2 will be defined by what people have noded. E2 can only reflect what people are thinking about at the time that they node. No more, no less.

Above all, promote your own vision. If you think E2 should be a big database of facts, then make factual nodes. If you think E2 should have people's opinions on things, then make opinion nodes. If you can vote, upvote the nodes you like. If you're given to downvoting, downvote the nodes you don't.

Don't be afraid to node. If you think a thing is worth noding, then node it. If it gets nuked, for one reason or another, don't leave E2 in a huff. Someone else was simply trying to promote their own vision. Take a step back, think about whether that thing is really worth noding, and if it is, node it again.

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