Don't just delete them all! Consider giving them to everyone!

This is not a plea to think of the children, or to tell you not to jump. Instead, it asks you to think of leaving some contributions behind for the good of the site, and under the care of everyone.

People move on for whatever reason, but if you've been contributing to the site for a while, you most likely noded for the ages, meaning there may be some work that you think may be worth leaving behind, but without your authorship attached to it. Factuals, brief definitions, works supporting other works, or logs that are important to the history of this site. In other words, take your sweet babies with you, but know that Everyone can adopt the strays.

There's a few different ways to put writeups into the care of everyone:

1. The preferred method is to select the writeups you wish to preserve for posterity, and then for each of those:

  • Remove the writeup to draft status
  • In the draft, press the advanced options button at the bottom
  • Tick the 'publish anonymously as 'everyone' box, and then republish.

Doing this causes the least amount of hassle for everyone involved, and makes sure that the writeups' original score and C!s are preserved for posterity.

2. Create a plaintext list of writeups that you wish to have preserved, and contact a member of staff to move them over for you.

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