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Why it's important to read this before you begin writing

Everything2 may be unlike anything you have met before. This document and What writings are accepted on Everything2? may help you avoid your contributions being removed straight away.

Why was my writeup deleted?

Everything2 is a writing site with certain standards. Some of these standards are subject to the selective judgement of the Editors of the site.

For much of the site's existence, works were removed to a 'Node Heaven' with a message from a user called Klaproth. Currently, they are only 'unpublished' and not 'deleted'. That is, they are reverted to their status as a private 'Draft' and cannot be viewed by the public, although you are able to view, edit, ask for input, and republish it.

If your published writeup was set back to 'Draft', one or more of the following applies to your writeup:

  • it violated copyright
  • it was not in English
  • it was very badly formatted
  • it was too low on content
  • it was superseded by a later writeup
  • it was redundant (i.e. superseded by an existing writeup)
  • it lacked links
  • it became out of date, irrelevant or no longer useful
  • it was obviously spam or trolling
  • it was none of these, but still, in the subjective opinion of the editors, awful

Whatever the case, the admin who unpublished your writeup should have sent you a personal message informing you of precisely why.

Please read What writings are accepted on Everything2? for more information.

Who can remove writeups?

Anyone on the E2 Staff, although this is mostly done by the Content Editors.

What happens to my writeup once it is removed?

As soon as the Editor clicks the "unpublish" button, three things happen.

  1. You are sent a message explaining why .
  2. You lose 5XP. This cancels out the 5XP you gained when you originally published the writeup.
  3. Your writeup now reverts to a 'Private' Draft where you have the option to rewrite and republish. Consider asking a Content Editor to view your Draft before you post the writeup, to make sure what you've written is better this time around.

How can I have a writeup removed?

You can 'unpublish' your own writeup by selecting the P or H in the post's footer. For the removal of other people's writeups, see E2 Nuke Request.

Who or what was Klaproth?

Prior to his retirement on November 21, 2007, writeup deletion messages were sent out by Klaproth, a puppet under the control of the Everything2 administration. He was removed from service to make the removal process more transparent to newcomers.

Klaproth was named after a character of the same name from the Sandman comic book series by Neil Gaiman. He's the Master of Funerary Rites in Necropolis.

If this is not clear, ask questions in the Chatterbox or approach the E2 Staff

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Revised on 11 March 2013

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