Thanks! We are proud. We also throw batteries at baseball players and boo at whatever choice the Eagles make in the NFL draft.

C'mon, buddy. We need something to do when it's not hockey season. You'd feel the bloodlust too, if you lived here long enough. It can be proven that a diet of cheesesteaks, pretzels, and beer has an immense affect on our collective psychological makeup.

Or maybe it's just the insane morning crew at 610-WIP that fuels the fire. It's true that no city hates opposing teams so much, but it's only a result of the undying love we have for our home teams. Our devotion is pretty impressive, considering we didn't win a championship in any major sport during the 90's.

An Eagle Fan is a sports fan who roots for one or all of the teams whose mascot/emblem is an eagle. Teams include the Philadelphia Eagles and the Boston College Eagles.

A Philadelphia Eagles fan knows the proper way to sing the Eagles fight song. After touchdowns, sing at the top of your lungs

Fly, Eagles, Fly, on the road to vic-tor-y.
Fly, Eagles, Fly, score a touch-down 1-2-3.
Hit 'em low, hit 'em high,
and then watch our Eagles fly!
Fly, Eagles, Fly, on the road to vic-tor-y!
E! A! G! L! E! S! Eagles!

If you watch/listen to a Philadelphia Eagles game on the television or radio or internet you will hear the crowd at Veteran's Stadium doing the Eagles cheer.

"We had a pretty good following wherever we went and we had that in New York and Washington. It was different in Philadelphia. It's a different type of fan here. The other places are difficult as well, but here the fans are real blue-collar and tough. I enjoyed the fans' passion for the game. There were a lot of places we played where I would say the teams did not enjoy the home field advantage. Here, there was and is a definite home-field advantage."
-Troy Aikman on Philadelphia Eagles fans

See also Philly fan.

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