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Sometimes companies don't do quite enough research. Earring Magic Ken was released by Mattel in 1993 dressed in the fashion of ravers of the day. One of the accessories that he had was a small ring on a string.

The ring was special though, in that the necklace did not pass through the ring, but rather was wrapped around it.

This fashion may not mean anything to most people, but that's the point. It was, in fact, a fashion among gay men wore to make a statement about their sexuality, as the ring was in fact not just a fashion statement, it was a cock ring.

Mattel apparently did not know this when they decided that Ken should wear this fashion. Among many gay men (like the ones who first told me about this amusing story) often refer to him as "Cock Ring Ken".

Apparently as a matter of coincidence there is another doll (whose name I forget) who is not only anatomically correct, but whose member Ken's cock ring fits perfectly on. This leads some to suspect who Ken's top is.

Oh yes, and Ken had an earring too. However, next to the cock ring, who really cares about his ear?

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