This, for me, is the most utterly confusing aspect of Babylon 5.

Aboard the station itself, you seem to have straight naval ranks--Ensign, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, and Captain.

In GROPOS, we saw what was presumably a large army division--mostly enlisted men (Private, Private First Class, Corporal, and Sargeant). They're commanded by a General, which makes sense and is still consistent.

In Eyes, we have an EarthForce Internal Affairs agent identified as a Colonel. It's unclear what branch of the military he was actually in. He is identified as a superior officer to Commander Sinclair, so it's a higher rank than Commander.

We then have General Hague, who is on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He commands an EarthForce ship during the coup against President Clark, which would seem to indicate he's in the Navy. This is reinforced by the fact that he gives direct orders to Ivanova in Points of Departure, which wouldn't be possible if he was in a different branch. After Hague's death, Major Ryan, his second in command takes over for him. He also appears to be in the Navy.

Major Krantz is the commanding officer of Babylon 4 when it disappears, but JMS has indicated that he was in something equivalent to an Army Corps of Engineers that helped build the station.

An Admiralty is briefly alluded to in one episode, but as far as I can remember no Admirals are actually seen. Numerous Generals *are* seen, often giving the B5 staff direct orders. Ivanova, in fact, is a General in 2281 by the time of Sleeping in Light.

It would appear, from the evidence listed above, that the EarthForce naval rank system goes something like the following: Ensign, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Colonel, General. I have no idea where Major would fit in...he appears to be a lower rank than Captain given Major Ryan's demeanor in Severed Dreams, but I have no idea where to peg him at or whether he was really a naval officer at all since Ivanova was never a Major on her way from Lieutenant Commander through Captain.

If anyone can clarify this, please do. :)

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