The fourth and most expensive of all the Babylon space stations, constructed in Sector 14. Shortly after is completion in 2254, it disappeared without a trace. It reappeared briefly in 2258, at which time Commander Sinclair led a mission to get the station's crew off.

Babylon 4 was actually sent back through time by the Great Machine, in a mission begun in 2260, to assist the Minbari in their fight against the Shadows. Sinclair traveled with the station back through time.

The Babylon 5 Project

Babylon Station 4

Babylon Staiton 4 was the largest of the stations built as part of the Babylon Project by the Earth Alliance after the Earth-Minbari War. Built on a tremendous budget, it was completed in 2254. 24 hours after becoming operational, however, it disappeared.


    Sector 14, Grid Epsilon



      O'Neill-class habitable space station, two counter-rotating sections





    Operational date


    Communications ID Code

      0010835-081677 (declassified)


    Construction Supervisor

      Major Krantz

    Earth Force/Administration



    There is a leaked report that Babylon 4 reappeared at its original location in Sector 14 in 2258, 4 years after its disappearance. The crew on board were recovered, and then it disappeared later again. Sector 14 has since been declared off-limits.

    Rumors persist that Babylon 4 disappeared into a time-space rift, and is being pulled into the future by an unknown entity known as "The One" for use in a great war.

    Addendum, Aug-2260: Discovered that in 2254, the White Star stopped a Shadow attack on Babylon 4, and then was taken through time by Ranger One (Jeffrey Sinclair) to the last Shadow War, to be used as a base of operations against the Shadows.

    According to Minbari history, the station was destroied 1000 years previous to the construction of the station.

The Babylon Project continued with the construction of the last of the Babylon Stations, Babylon Station 5 or Babylon 5.

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