The Babylon 5 Project

The War of the Shadows

Roughly every thousand years, the Shadows appear, causing chaos among the existing races, only to be pushed back to their homeworld by the combined forces of the other races. The previous Shadow War, which occured around 1200-1300, resulted in their defeat at the hands of the Minbari, under the command of Valen, with help from the Vorlons.

Conflict with Vorlons

    The Shadows believe that the universe benefits from chaos and disorder, allowing stronger races develop. The Vorlons prefer order.

Telepathic Blocks

    The Shadows possess organic technology, and using living beings as the cores to their vessels. Telepaths apparently have the ability to interfere with the functioning of the core beings, effectively shutting down the vessel.

Leaving the Galaxy

    The Shadows left beyond the rim of the galaxy with Lorien after the conflict in 2261.

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