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Entil'Zha (Ranger One) (Anla'Shok Na)

The Ultimate leader of the Rangers, called "Ranger One" by the humans.

    In accordance with the laws of the Israelites, the two roles of Leader and General were separated to allow a balance of power and to prevent a tyranny, President Sheridan decided that the President of the Interstellar Alliance could not also hold the roll of Entil'Zha, since the Rangers were the military arm of the Interstellar Alliance.

The role was created by Valen, who was the first Entil'Zha when he formed the Rangers in the year 1250. For 900 years, no other Ranger has held the rank.

Title given to Jeffrey Sinclair when he took up the struggle for preparations for the Shadow War, on Minbar. At the request of the leader of the Grey Council
Sinclair was the first human, and the first individual, to to inherit the Minbari Rank of Valen.

Chronology of the Entil'Zha rank

    1250 - 1350 - Valen
    1350 - 2258 - Rank is unoccupied in respect for Valen
    2258 - 2260 - Jeffrey Sinclair - (cf. "To Dream in the City of Sorrows")
    2260 - 2278 - Delenn - (cf. "Grey 17 is missing")
    2278 - 2281 - John Sheridan - (cf. "Sleeping in Light")

It is important to note that the Rangers exit over 1,000,000 years into the future, and it is safe to presume that the rank of Entil'Zha does also.

    (cf. "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars")

It should be noted that General Susan Ivanova is asked by Delenn to take the role of Entil'Zha in 2281 (cf. "Sleeping in Light") as Sheridan is dying. From what we can see, she accepts this post as she is finding her role as an Earthforce General uninspiring:

"I feel like an old war horse, trotted out on parade so all the kids can point at it."

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