First commanding officer of Babylon 5, assigned there in 2257. Previously, he had been a fighter pilot, and fought at the Battle of the Line. He was unable to remember what had happened to him at the battle until later.

In 2259, Sinclair was reassigned as Earth's ambassador to Minbar. There, he took over leadership of the Anla'shok. In 2260, he assisted in securing Babylon 4 and traveled back in time a thousand years with it, to become Valen.

Jeffrey Sinclair was the lead character for Babylon 5's first season. The character, played by Michael O'Hare, was difficult for the average teevee viewer to relate to: he was grim, philosophical, and rather depressed. Series creator J. Michael Straczynzki once referred to the "cloud of doom" hanging over him. The needs of the story coincided nicely with Warner Bros.' desire for a lead actor with a higher profile, so Sinclair was written out (guesting in a couple of later episodes) and replaced by Bruce Boxleitner's Captain Sheridan.

The Babylon 5 Project

Jeffrey Sinclair

    Name: Jeffrey David Sinclair
    Birthdate: May 3, 2218, 9:15 a.m. Earth Standard Time
    Birthplace: Mars Colony

Service record:

    2237 Enlisted in Earth Force Defense
    2240 Promoted to fighter pilot
    2241 Promoted to squad leader
    2248 Fights in the Battle of the Line (and survives!)
    2256 Becomes Commander of Babylon 5
    2257 "The Gathering"
    2258 Season One: "Signs and Portents"
    2259 Ambassador to Minbari Federation
      Appointed by President Clark, used the position as a front while taking the position of Ranger One.
        a.k.a. Entil'Zha
    2260 Transformed into Mimbari holy icon, Valen.


    The Line

      See Battle of the Line note below.


    Place of Birth

      Mars Colony


      Trained for three years as a Jesuit before joining Earth Force.



      Had a romantic relationship with Carolyn Sykes, then Catherine Sakai, to whom he was engaged in 2257.

Battle of the Line

    Sinclair was the only survivor of his squadron. He blacked out while attempting to ram a Minbari Sharlin Class Warcruiser, and awoke 24 hours later, with the war over. During that time he was taken aboard and interrogated by the Grey Council, who released him and ended the war when it appeared that he and some other humans posessed Minbari souls.


    Sinclair is apparently Valen, who travelled back in time 1000 years to the previous Shadow War, bringing Babylon 4 to be used as a base of operations.

The One

    Known as "The One Who Was".

While Sudderth's node is one guess as to what happened to Jeffrey Sinclair, he is unfortunately wrong.

Michael O'Hare, the actor who played Sinclair, started having worse symptoms from a debilitating mental illness during the filming of the first season of Babylon 5. Towards the end he had to take producer and writer J. Michael Straczynski aside and explain what was happening and why he was having mood shifts, delusional behavior, and had issues remembering lines. The main issue was fighting with the crew due to paranoid delusions.

With O'Hare's permission, Straczynski talked with other key actors and they all worked together to get O'Hare through the end of the season. Even then, Straczynski did not abandon O'Hare. He brought him back to finish out his new character arc, even though it was very difficult and Straczynski didn't know which version of O'Hare would arrive on set. They worked everything out and got everything on film during the second season.

This is why the actor who played Captain Jeffrey Sinclair left the series and why Bruce Boxleitner was brought on to play Captain John Sheridan.

Michael O'Hare died in 2012.

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