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Vorlon Planetkiller

The Vorlon Planetkiller is an incredibly large and powerful capital ship, it dwarfs even the Vorlon Mothership. Compared to other ships, its length appears to be over 20 km.

The Planetkiller is the ultimate display of the power of the Vorlon Empire, it has the capability of destroying an entire Earth-sized planet. It is unknown how this weapon works, since there has been no survivors to tell their tale.

The ship was brought into the observation of the younger races when the Vorlons stepped-up their aggression against the Shadows during the final Shadow War. The Vorlons moved to exterminate any race that had any contact, or Shadow Influence, by destroying the planet itself.

The Vorlon Planetkiller made its first appearance in the episode "The Summoning", where it was seen with miniscule looking Vorlon Cruisers and Vorlon Motherships.

The Vorlon Planetkiller was in orbit around Centauri Prime when the Vorlons recalled it to Coriana 6 where it was destroyed by several of the First Ones in "Into the Fire"

Note that it was also known as the "Jellyfish of Doom".

On a more philosophical tangent, the differences between the Vorlons' and the Shadows' beliefs (verbalized as "Who are you?" and "What do you want?", respectively) are nicely illustrated by their choice of anti-planet-scale weaponry. The Vorlons, with their focus on order, utilized a single large ship with a single big gun. In comparison, the Shadows deployed a cloud of missles,which is as close to a physical manifestation of chaos as can be used as an effective large-scale weapon.

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