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Not a whole lot to announce this month and very little in the rambling department. Go ahead, cheer.

Staff changes

After last month's retirements I have no immediate plans to fill those vacancies on the editorial staff. Instead, this month we're joined by three people on missions from High Up (and that does not mean me). Swap is back to work on some modifications to the voting system commissioned by Nate. Users bjornrud and talk-to-me are working for Cliff and should not be considered regular staff so please do not take editorial issues to them.

Code progress

As I said not 20 seconds ago, people are working on voting stuff that may include radical innovations. We will explore the practical side of some ideas that have been floating around for years and which have potential that needs to be tested in the field.

Some projects have been pushed back a bit while some of the more active coders work on Nate's project. For those, whatever I said last month applies.


We only have so much coding time and there are a lot of interface changes and tweaks to be made. I'm placing on the record what has been de facto policy for a while now: Themes other than Zen are deprecated and officially unsupported. This means that resources will be allocated to Zen (or any successor to it) first and to everything else on a best-effort, time-available basis. Other themes will break if no coder is willing to or has the time to change them. This includes all the Classic themes, Jukka, and ekw. We'll try to provide reasonable facsimiles of old themes within Zen.

Yeah, everyone's attached to their display. Me too. Since tech support questions tend to end up in my inbox I have to use Zen as a matter of seeing what the majority of new users sees or I'd still happily be using Jukka. But the older themes have their roots in web standards and browser technology 7-10 years in the past, which is something that we're trying to disengage from. Are the old themes serviceable? Yes, they are, sort of. But they're serviceable because we devote an unproductive amount of time to them. So, no, not really. You may see no marked difference in how you use them but that's because they're being held together by redundant maintenance and duct tape.

That's it for this month.

NY Jets 29 Indianapolis 15
Baltimore 20 Pittsburgh 23
Arsenal 3 Aston Villa 0
Hull 1 Man Utd 3

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