Back before I became an editor, I made a somewhat rash promise to myself. If I ever got the nod, I promised, I'd post an Editor Log each month as a way of communicating to the noderbase some of the “editorial” things I'd been up to during the month.

Little did I know how that would turn out to be the proverbial albatross around one's neck. At the time, I was advised, by wiser heads than mine, that such an idea might not be a good one. It's turned out that, though I do manage to perform said editorial duties each month, coming up with something witty or pertinent to write in each log is a bit more difficult than I expected. This has caused me to be late some months with editor logs. My hat's off to those folks out in the real world that write monthly columns!

Therefore, this month's log will take in September, October, and November, presumably bringing me up to date. Let's see if I can stay that way!

Rendering assistance:

  • Peter Stormare by slamouritz -- grammar and punctuation fixes, noder not seen since 2000.
  • The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor by wharfinger – Just a minor fix, Columbianombian.
  • Halabja by noung – some minor spelling fixes.
  • UHF by StormHunter – grammar fixes (your -> you're, the usual). Noder not seen in over four years.

Recycled nodegel:

  • woodking24(india) : Furniture by woodking24 – some sort of advertisement but certainly NOT a writeup.
  • object code by Nikhodemus – superseded. Noder apparently fled.
  • Mad Dog Vachon by MrDithers – superseded by subsequent writeup. Noder fled.
  • Kenneth Anger by cantsin – another one superseded.
  • Panini by sahai and by craigc – both writeups, by fled noders, superseded
  • men are dogs by TENNSUMITSUMA – a rant, definitely not a writeup.
  • cold fusion by nexxus – superseded, noder not seen in 1.5 years.
  • SIG Sauer by dchendrix -- a one-line question in response to an existing writeup.

Node Audits:

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