Edvard Grieg is one of Norway's most popular and famous composers. He was born in Bergen, June 15, 1843, and grew up in with his wealthy merchant family. He displayed an unusually strong interest for music very early, and could sit in front of the piano for hours, to explore chords and harmonies.

In August 1861 he held his first concert in the swedish town Karlshamn. A year later he played for the first time in his home town. (Curious fact: The composition he played that night has disappeared forever.)

Through the years, Grieg wrote an amazing number of compositions, for orchestra, piano and string quartets, and all of his work was inspired by Norwegian folklore and tradition. His undisputably most famous piece was the incidental music for the play Peer Gynt (written by Henrik Ibsen), from which the magical "In the Hall of the Mountain King" is taken.

In 1907, Grieg got seriously ill, and on September 4 that year, he died from exhaustion. More than 40,000 people crowded the streets of Bergen on the day of his funeral.

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