A patience game played with a single pack of cards. Lay out six overlapping rows of eight cards so as to create a tableau of eight columns of six cards each. Keep the remaining four cards to start the reserve.

The object of the game is to free the aces and build them up in suit and ascending sequence to the kings. Cards from the reserve or from the bottom of the columns may be taken for building. You may also pack in suit and descending sequence on the tableau, moving only one card at a time. You may move exposed cards from the tableau to the reserve, but the reserve can hold a maximum of eight cards. (Moving cards to the reserve can be used to simulate moving a sequence of cards from one column to another.) If a column in the tableau becomes empty, you may fill it with a king.

Eight Away should work out most of the time. A harder version is Baker's Game - in this variant you deal out all the cards at the start, but the reserve can only hold four cards.

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