A poem
of German origin
looks a bit like

How                  Rules:
to construct         One word
and write this?      to begin and
It is really quite   one to mark the
simple.              ending.

Two                  All                      Elf
three and            in all                   is German
four words follow    there are eleven -       and stands for
to fill up the       eleven words make the    "eleven", but also means
rows.                Elfchen.                 elf.

Elfchen              Some                     First                     What
the diminutive       say that                 a colour                  this thing
a small elf.         there are rules          then some thing           does, and how
A cute fairy tale    on which words to        being of that colour -    do you feel about
creature.            use:                     then:                     it.

would like
to conclude that
the point is to

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