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Small, private college in North Carolina. Elon is noted for the incredible amount of effort put into each student. Students get the opportunity to learn closely with faculty in their field more like an apprenticeship than the standard schooling method of focusing on basic objectives.
Elon classes tend to follow the Socratic method of instruction, whereby the students are engaged in thought -and often emotion- provoking dialogue centered around problems or issues they must solve or resolve. Of course, these critical thinking problems or issues are based on whatever aspect of their chosen academic discipline the course happens to be on.
Elon offers outstanding information (read: library), technological, fine arts, and athletic facilities that exceed standards for a college of its size.
Update Summer 2002
Elon is now a university with a Ph.D. program in physical therapy. They also have a brand-spanking-newlibrary and a (surprised old Elon alum?) football stadium.

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