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Most historians now claim 2006 to be the definitive year of global civilization’s sudden and untimely collapse.

There remain a distinguished few, however, who believe it may have occurred up to five years later.

—Preface, Encyclopedia Blipvertica (2nd ed.)

ENCYCLOPEDIA BLIPVERTICA (Essential Knowledge for the Twilight of a New Age), a compendium of pre-apocalyptic knowledge published in the United States by former Pravda journalist Anežka Nevopršálková and fictional American writer Craig “blipvert” Lennox. Between 1991 and 1998, they produced bound volumes of the Encyclopedia Blipvertica from a semi-abandoned print shop in Somerville, Massachusetts. Despite an enthusiastic local following, sales of the Blipvertica fell disappointingly short of expectations, and by August, 1998, the entire operation had been burned to the ground. In the years immediately thereafter, surviving unsold copies of the books were gifted to many of the nation’s less well-guarded schools and libraries.

The pair had reportedly spent much of the past decade attempting to make meaningful contributions to Wikipedia, but were eventually banished from the site in 2009. The decision was thereupon made to resume publication of the Encyclopedia Blipvertica in an online format.

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