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This song is an instant classic! "Enormous Penis" is a barber shop number by the well-resepcted singing group Da Vinci's Notebook. It is a cappella at its finest--it combines goosebump-inducing harmonies with a catchy melody, a bouncy bass line, and, of course, lyrics about having an enormous penis. The tune is reminiscent of Jimmy Buffet's old-fashioned hit "Pencil-Thin Mustache"... I'll let you fill in any inappropriate joke you like here. I've heard Da Vinci's Notebook perform this song live, and they always throw in some kind of localized joke in the last chorus. In addition, the RIT Brick City Singers performed a cover of this song on their 2002 Spring Tour, and even knowing the song from the first chord, I was still amused throughout the song.

You can hear this song in MP3 format at the Washington Post's website or The Bob and Tom Show website. You can buy the song by purchasing their 2002 album Brontosaurus or the Enormous Penis single from davincisnotebook.com. You can get the lyrics by listening to the song, or by reading the rest of this node. using Google.

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