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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 8. Epigram of Chicken Cutlets (Epigram de Poulet).

Why "Epigram"?, I know not. Take the fillets out of a chicken, flatten and pound them neatly, remove small bones of the pinions, scrape it clean and force it into the pointed end of the fillets; lay them on the counter and shake a little pepper and salt over both sides, brush them over with the yolk of egg, dip them into bread-crumbs, and then into clarified butter, and again lightly into bread-crumbs ; they are to be broiled in a double gridiron, but not till the last moment. Cut the inside fillets into scallops, place them on a sauté-pan, fry as lightly as possible, and put them into a Béchamel sauce, with some mushrooms which have been passed; dish the cutlets, and serve the scollops in the centre.

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