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I work at a factory that makes brushes used to clean during the process of slaughtering chickens. The half of the factory that I work in is small, and the work is simple. It comprises two main tasks.

Firstly, we must drill holes into plastic tubes that were cut into tubes by some other guys I don't talk to. Secondly, we must put glue and then plastic bristles in the holes that we drilled previously.

We make four kinds of brushes on a regular basis, and a couple others on a not-so-often basis. The first basic kind is what we call the Brush That Cleans the Big Container of Blood Collected During the Plucking/Draining Process. The second kind is the Brush That Scrapes the Bottom of Chickens Feet to Collect the Foot Funk and Make Jerky (See: Slim Jim). The third kind is the Brush that Cleans the Rear Butt Area of the Chicken. The last is the Brush that Scrapes Out the Internal Organs of the Chicken So It's All Hollow and Edible.

When I tell people I make brushes like this, I usually get strange looks or mild forms of animal rights commentary. After I remind those same people that they are the ones eating at the fast food places that serve the chickens I contributed to the cleaning of, things return to normal.

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