Whilst searching for a biography of some description, I have discovered there is a screamingly low fan base for the actor Ethan Hawke, or indeed, that there is a screamingly low number of Ethan Hawke fans with HTML knowledge, or access to (or will to have access to) quality information. This is okay by me; it gives me an opportunity to just gush.

I’m not sure what happened, I remember having some girlish crush on Ethan Hawke before I’d ever seen him in a film. I’ve been a magazine junkie since the age of ten, so this might explain it. However, to this day I remain perplexed as to why I as a twelve year old, considering the boys I was attracted to and “dating” at the time, would be attracted (or whatever), to this unshaven, greasy haired slacker I hadn’t even seen in his full glory (i.e. mannerisms, voice, what have you).

I watched Reality Bites, my crush of course developed, then I forgot about it for a few years, I paid more attention to films without him in them, primarily big budget space movies, cheesy ones like Independence Day and The Fifth Element (love ‘em :) ). But then..

Gattaca. Great Expectations. I couldn’t escape him. And I do love to stare at him. He is so unembarrassingly awkward, so ..'there'. And his hesitation, and his stance, and his humility. You can see the way he thinks across his face. He is a Hollywood star, married to Uma Thurman for god’s sake.. but he gets around in ragged suits looking like he has been poking around for coins on a beach.

He is just, for whatever reason, a fascinating actor, he takes his job most seriously. He cares nothing for the money, Winona Ryder once made a comment about these actors, these millionaires.. who sleep in one room apartments on a mattress on the floor, amidst piles of books. She seemed disgusted at the way these people lived way way below their means to make some kind of statement, to seem like they’re some meaningful slacker, living in some kind of existential, glum headspace.

He was born November 6, in 1970, in Austin. He went to New York University and in May 1, 1998 he married Uma. They now have a daughter named Maya Ray Thurman-Hawke.


It should be noted that besides an award winning acting career, Ethan Hawke is also a somewhat acclaimed novelist. His three novels include:

The Hottest State: A Novel (Little Brown & Co. 1996)
His first and most critically acclaimed book is a Genration X romance that takes the lovers, William and Sarah, from the Lower East Side to Paris and through a passionate relationship.

Ash Wednesday (Knopf 2002)
The story of Jimmy Heartsock, an Army soldier stationed in Albany who goes AWOL with his pregnant girlfriend and drives from New York to Texas in a Chevy Nova.

Manhattan Story (Fayard 2003)
by Ethan Hawke, Catherine Charmant Which I can't find any information on... but I am guessing takes place in Manhattan and is a quirky romance between over passionate twentysomethings.

It should also be noted that I have not read any of the aforementioned books.

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