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Julie Delpy was born December 21, 1969 in Paris, France. Her parents, Albert Delpy and Marie Pillet, are both stage actors, and Julie herself made her stage debut when she was five. At the age of fourteen Julie became a movie actress, when she was featured in Jean-Luc Godard's Detective.

Since then she has starred in a number of European and American productions, including Disney's The Three Musketeers and Quentin Tarantino's Killing Zoe.

She received her education at the Actors Studio in New York and the New York University, where she attended the summer directing program.

The money Julie earned with her first few movie appearances she saved to pay for her first trip to New York City, which she managed to do when she was sixteen years old. It was supposed to be a stay of just two days, but she ended up staying for three weeks before she went back across the Atlantic. After that first trip she returned to Manhattan numerous times, before finally making the move permanent in 1990.
At the moment she's living in Los Angeles, though.


This is a list of the films Julie has had something to do with, as actress or in some other function, as of today: I'm afraid I have to admit that I've only seen one of the movies on the above list, namely Before Sunrise, but if that movie is anything to go by, I can hardly wait to see more of her work. The chemistry and feeling of reality that she and Ethan Hawke manage to bring to the screen is very impressive. Definitely an actress and director to be looking out for in the future.

Julie Delpy tribute site: http://home.no.net/site/delpyweb/index.htm - this is a very good looking site, btw
The Julie Delpy page: http://www.uoregon.edu/~dlo/julie.html
The Internet Movie DataBase: http://www.imdb.com/Name?Delpy,+Julie

August 21, 2001

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