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Major updates done:

Well, at least do it right, ascorbic! Like so:

10:29: (darsi): i need a software recognition program. I still can't face typing to much at one go. and all my essays are long hand too at the moment. :/
10:29: Albert Herring: [..]
10:30: Gritchka [..]
10:31: ascorbic: is a software recognition program soemthing that you drop a file onto and it pos up a dialog box saying "yup, that's software"
10:33: (darsi): s/software/voice. (my little head is suffering the ravages of a severe hangover and what seems to be a flu, so please be tolerant)
10:34: getha: (darsi), haven't you read the disclaimer on the ascorbic package? It reads: "please ignore most (if not all) statements made by this entity"
10:34: getha: [..]
10:35: ascorbic is deathly serious. Is deeply offended by (darsi)'s minor error, and will punish her accordingly
10:36: Zerotime: I broke my ascorbic upgrading the firmware. It just sits in the corner and drools now.
10:36: getha: [..]
10:36: getha: Uhm, ZeroTime, that's what an ascorbic *does*
10:37: getha: Well, at least mine came out the wrapping that way...
10:37: (darsi) tries to ignore ascorbic but fails everytime.
10:38: Zerotime: Damn, I was told it'd at least mow my lawn.
10:38: (darsi): [..]
10:38: ascorbic is just too damn interesting for (darsi)'s own good
10:38: (darsi): you wish :P
10:39: (darsi): more like annoying.
10:39: getha: ;-)
10:40: call: Now now, kids, play nice... :)
10:40: getha: [..]
10:41: getha: [..]
10:41: (darsi): [..]
10:42: getha: [..]
10:44: ascorbic adds the recent exchange to his homenode

Cursus Honorum
         my first two still exist...
    (full)  1C!    Bahasa Indonesia (idea)    2001-02-26 17:00:13
    (full)  2C!    Pakan Baru Railroad (idea)    2001-02-26 23:45:45

         level 2!
    (full)  1C!    Nepal (place)    2001-04-03 0:55:21

         Does this count?
            E2 USER INFO: last update Fri Oct 12 18:23:58 2001
    nodes:  53          xp:     1000 (+1)   cools:     33
    maxrep: 31          minrep: 0           totalrep:  477
    nodefu: 18.87       WNF:    16.23       coolratio: 62.26%
    person: 9.4%    thing: 52.8%    place: 5.7%    idea: 32.1%

         level 3: soon?

Total dishonesty: 8.55 rep, 3608.53 hours. Average dishonesty: 0.13 rep per node, 56.38 hours per node.
 | @                                                             
 |   @                                                           

 |    @                                                          
 | @                   @                                         
 | D          @     @                                            
 | @  @          @              D                                
 | @@                                                            
 | @DO@ @          O@@ @         @                               
 | @dd@           @      @                      @                
 |    @             @                         @   @@             
 | OOd         @  O  @                            @              
 | OO   @@    @   @O   O        @                                
 | OOO d       @O                                             @  
 | OO   OO                                                       
0+------------------------------------------D--------------------> now

Just my little shrine

This person is too good for this world
SEF sent me something! Across the Atlantic too!         
Damn... turn your head for a while and when you get back you find
a lot of people gone... What is going on here?

What can I say...
riverrun blew me away with his series that started with this         

I'm vacillating between feeling proud and ashamed at telling this next person about E2...
I'm reading up on people (and other things) because of RubenAzarja        

I'm wondering when I can slobber chevette again         

Gritchka is a good chap         

One of my first C!'s is spoken for
I've got Pyrogenic to solve my problems         

What is it with these brittish guys?


Wonder why you're not in here? Patience; I'm still assimilating!

What keeps me busy at home?

I have a rather limited social life, although there has been some improvement lately. Part of that improvement is due to being in an indoor soccer team, which necessitates my leaving my appartment at least once a week. I also met some nice people at the company I work for part-time. Two of my colleagues (who are about my age) live across the street from me, so once in a while I head on over there to hang.

One of the other pastimes I have that necessitates my leaving the appartment is flying glider aircraft. The previous year (2001) I didn't fly at all, which means I'll have to fly two-seater for a while before I'm allowed to fly solo again (which I only did three times up to now; see my daylog). Also, in winter we need to do maintenance and repairs on all our material, which includes two two-seater gilders, three single-seaters, two winches and a number of vehicles (one of them a Nissan 4x4, which is partly my responsibility).

Update: I've been more actively flying this year, and am now solidly solo! WhoooT! Besides, I passed the mark of 30 solo flights this summer, so I got to fly our beautiful Discus glider. What a treat that plane is compared to the boring, submarine-like Astir. On to my glider license and my passenger-check (as our club calls it) so I can fly other people around, like my sister, brother and others.

When I am indoors, which is most of the time, in my free time I spend a lot of time tinkering with my growing collection of computers. At the moment I have a network of four computers:

  • satu: PII 266/128MB running Debian 2.2 on kernel 2.4.17 (firewall, ftp server and samba server)
  • dua: PIII 450/256MB running Debian 2.2 on kernel 2.4.12 (UT server, RtCW server and webserver)
  • winxp-p4, soon to be renamed tiga: P4 1.5/256MB running Windows XP Corporate Edition (main work machine)
  • empat: Pentium 166/108MB running Linux from scratch on a 2.4.17 kernel (test machine)
Then I have two computers that aren't installed or used at the moment, a Pentium 133 with something like 80MB and a 386DX-40 with 24MB. I think I may add them yet, just to have all the machines in my appartment running and connected...

The naming scheme I've started using for my network is something from my past, and is based on counting in Indonesian, 'satu' being one, 'dua' two, etc.

Enter MiniDisc
What do I listen to? Well, here's a (non exhaustive) list:

Disclaimer: I don't expect all (or any) of the above links
to actually lead anywhere, so neither should you...

Nothing to see beyond here, please move on....

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