Pisang goreng - fried banana

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What kind of pisang to use

For those not in the know: a banana is not a banana is not a banana. There are literally dozens of different types of banana, and only a few are normally imported in western countries. The bananas to use for this recipe apparently shouldn't even be called 'bananas', but 'plantains'1, though both bananas and plantains belong to the family Musaceae, genus Musa Paradisiaca, so I'll just stick to using 'bananas'. The difference is that bananas that can only be eaten after cooking or baking them are called plantains2.
So, the type of banana to use is a type that is used for cooking. A few varieties I have seen specifically recommended for this recipe are: pisang tandoek, pisang kepok and pisang raja. How you're going to get your hands on one of these varieties outside of Southeast Asia is a mystery to me, so you're on your own here. Ask at your local toko.
You're probably okay using normal bananas, but the frying tends to turn normal bananas into a partly liquefied pudding, so you'll be missing out on the nice texture of correctly produced pisang goreng. Now, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on some baking bananas, make sure that they are ripe before using them. Unripe fried bananas do not taste good.



Slice the bananas into pieces roughly half an inch thick and short enough to fit in your frying utensil of choice. Put the egg, the salt and the sugar in a bowl, together with enough flour to make a batter to coat the bananas with. Stir the batter until sufficiently gooey; if too thin, add some flour, if too thick add some water, an extra egg or some milk3.
Then fully coat the banana pieces with the batter and throw them in the heated oil4. Fry until the pieces are golden brown, then take them out and allow to drain. Best is to put the pieces of pisang goreng on some paper tissue.
Serve while still warm, possibly coated with some icing sugar.


1 Start out noding what you know, and find you're noding something you don't. Turns out I wasn't even fully in the know.
2 As far as I can tell.
3 You see, I'm just making this up as I go... *grin*.
4 Hope you anticipated this, otherwise put the oil on the fire and wait till it's hot.

April 10, 2001

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