Juliette Binoche is an actress who possesses unfeasible beauty. She has cheekbones to die for and deep brown eyes that seem to hold the deepest emotions. Her 'introspective characterizations' [1] of the characters she plays is facilitated by this blank expressiveness.

Juliette was born on 6 March, 1964 in Paris to actor parents. She studied first at the Paris Conservatoire and then acting at The National School of Dramatic Arts of Paris. At 21 years of age she worked with the famed Jean-Luc Godard in his film 'Hail Mary'.

She came to greater worldwide attention after playing Tereza in 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being'. This film, based on the book by Milan Kundera, studies the conflict between Lust and Love. It was a role she would reprise in the movie Damage.

In the movie 'Trois Couleurs Bleu' (Three Colours: Blue), a recently widowed Juliette leaves everything to try to find peace in solitude (echoing the theme 'Liberty'). Her love of music eventually wrenches her from her self imposed exile from life. A promotional poster featured an emblematic Juliette airbrushed to perfection, gazing Che-like into the distance.

In 'Damage' Juliette embarks on a passionate but doomed love affair with a British MP (her boyfriends father!), played by Jeremy Irons. Juliette is perfect at playing a part that demands erotic intensity while never revealing her soul.

It was 'The English Patient' which finally catapulted Juliette to world attention and onto the stage at the academy awards (where she wore a curious high collared dress). In that film she played Hana, nurse to a badly burnt English Count. She falls in love with a Sikh named Kip. In one memorable scene, Kip hoists her on a harness to that she might reach some particularly high paintings and she swings with a torch in hand so that she might see them. Her eyes dance with laughter and, well, I was blown away anyhow...

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