Eugene Cester is a member of Australia's finest musical export, "This Is Serious Mum", or TISM. Also listed by semprini as Eugene De La Hot Croix-Bun. TISM are responsible for such fine tracks as "I'm on the drug that killed River Pheonix" and "TISM are shit".

Not unlike his fellow members, he's a bit of a mystery.

Notably, he has an interesting link to the rock band Jet, which has recently had considerable success worldwide. Jet contains in part, two brothers, Nic and Chris Cester, nephews of Eugene.

TISM, while onstage at the music festival 'The Big Day Out' which was attended by Nic, Chris and my brother some years ago were listing reasons that their fans were wankers, declaring:

"If your mum bought you a ticket to The Big Day Out, you're a wanker!"

Followed by one band member noting:

"If your uncle gave you backstage passes, you're a wanker!"

In true TISM style, Jet received considerable criticism from the members of TISM in the Australian Media, such as this nugget from the Herald Sun (Melbourne 10.07.04):

Q: Seriously, is everything going swimmingly within TISM?

A: Look, it's like the Eagles. They hate each other and who can blame them? I hate them and I'm not even in their band. But in TISM the level of personal hatred and acrimony that exists among band members is so great that, after this tour, I will refuse to appear on stage with any one of that bunch of jumped-up, talentless, mask-wearing, anonymous, gutless, one-joke wonders ever again in my life.

Q: Really?

A: Actually, no, sorry. I am referring to Jet. TISM, I actually don't mind.

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