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Eva Felicitas Habermann is a German actress, best known to fans worldwide from her role as Zev Bellringer in the Science Fiction TV series Lexx.

Eva was born in Hamburg on January 16, 1976. Her natural hair color is ash blonde, she has grey-blue eyes and stands 1.70 meters or about 5'7" tall. Speaking as a warm-blooded male of not too unusual tastes, I declare her a beauty. The hair color and style she sported in Lexx gave her a kind of classic, ageless charm which I found irresistible. Of course this is subjective; you are welcome to follow my reference to see for yourself.

Eva was the babe of Lexx Season I plus two episodes of Season II. Unfortunately, Lexx was produced on a shoestring budget and a shaky schedule, and at one point the management dallied so long with a follow-up contract that Eva was forced to accept a gig elsewhere. Her character, Zev, was hurriedly killed off by a power-crazed doctor at the beginning of Season II, only to be surprisingly reincarnated with the name of Xev and the appearance of Xenia Seeberg in the next episode. The logical underpinnings of the Zev to Xev transformation would strain the credulity of fans of other series, but Lexx is whacky enough for this sleight of hand to be taken in stride.

Back to Eva! At least according to her Web site, she is not a shallow blonde piece of fluff like, say Britney Spears. Her interests include fine art, reading good books, poetry and things esoteric. She has been performing, sometimes starring on German television since 1993. The names of the many shows would be meaningless to anglophone readers, so I'm not going to cut and paste the list here. Instead, I point you to my primary reference. A few more tidbits of personal information can be found there, as well as a fairly large sampling of photographs of her. There are links to an english and a german version of the site, but while they are nearly identical in content, it seems the german side is the better-maintained original. Young men with a crush on this lady may draw some hope from a comment found only on the german pages: Eva is meanwhile no longer married to the man for whom she professes great affection in the interview.

The official Eva Habermann site at

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