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Short for Zev Bellringer of B3K, Zev is a character in Lexx, played by Eva Habermann.

Zev grew up in a small room in the wife bank, learning from holographic people how to be a perfect wife. She grew up to be a large, ugly woman who knew nothing of the real world, not even what tears are.

When she was introduced to her intended husband, a 15-year-old snot, he refused to marry her, calling her a cow. She punched him out and so was arrested for failing to perform her wifely duties. Her punishment was to be transformed into a love slave and spend the rest of her life catering to the needs of a cleric in the Divine Order.

However, a malfunction in the system on the Cluster caused by a captive heretic caused the release of a group of cluster lizards, and one of them got into the chamber with her. Its DNA was merged with hers, and while she was shaped into the beautiful female form intended by the procedure, she is able to take cluster lizard form and has some of their traits. She escaped from the Lusticon before it could run the mental transformation on her, placing the head of the robot (whose organic body had been eaten by the lizards) in the machine in her place. Thus the robot (790) fell madly in love with her.

Through a series of events best understood through watching I Worship His Shadow, she ended up on The Lexx with Kai and Stanley Tweedle. Her primary motivation in her life was her love for Kai, whom she hoped to bring back to real life (he's an animated corpse) so he could love her in return. She often promised Stan sex to get him to do what she asked but would always find a reason to say he didn't uphold his end of the bargain, and so she was not bound to hers.

In the second and third TV episodes, Terminal and Lyekka, she died and was brought back as Xev.

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