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Staney H. Tweedle, security guard class 4 (previously class 2).

Archtraitor Stanley Tweedle, who was once assistant deputy backup courier for the Ostral B heretics before the forces of His Divine Shadow secured the amino acid codes hidden in his teeth and used the information to find and destroy 100 reform planets (though Stan insists it was only 94).

Currently captain of The Lexx on the show of the same name.

Stan is a coward who usually justifies his fearful decisions by saying they are practical. However, he has made some brave decisions in his time, most notably in the movie Gigashadow and in the TV episode Brigadoom. Usually, if he does make a brave decision, he expects a lot of credit for it.

Stan is generally preoccupied with sex, most likely because he gets so little of it. He is also very adamant about being interested only in women. Although he is the only living man on the Lexx, Xev/Zev is still not attracted to him. Thus he is usually on the lookout for a planet on which there are women who are willing to have sex with him.

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