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A fourteen-track CD containing both background music from Rei Ayanami's episodes in the animated TV show Neon Genesis Evangelion and several songs performed by her seiyuu, Megumi Hayashibara. Released March 30, 2001, on Hayashibara's 34th birthday; as Rei does not really have a birthday, the 30th was apparently declared to be close enough.


01 - Cruel Angel's Thesis (A.D. 2001 mix) - Rei vocal version of the opening theme

02 - Rei I - background music

03 - Hedgehog's Dilemma - BGM; odd choice, since it's from a Shinji-focused episode

04 - Rei II - BGM

05 - Fly Me to the Moon (Ayanami version) - Rei vocal version of the closing

06 - Do You Love Me? - BGM

07 - Hostility Restrained - BGM

08 - Good, or Don't Be - BGM

09 - Tamashii no Rufuran (Aqua Groove Mix) - Rei vocal version of "Soul's Refrain"

10 - Outro - End of Evangelion choral piece

11 - Yume no Skimmer - End of Evangelion instrumental

12 - M-4 (Piano) - End of Evangelion instrumental

13 - THANATOS: If I Can't Be Yours - big band instrumental version of the EoE intermission song

14 - Fly Me to the Moon - big band instrumental version of the series closing

Overall, it's worth listening to, though some of the BGM tracks are a bit out of place. The vocal pieces are quite beautiful, much softer than usual for Jpop, and Hayashibara's version of Fly Me to the Moon is one of the best ever done for Evangelion, up there with the On the Street mix and the big band version on track 14 of this disc.

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