"Hey, baby. Come here often? You've got beautiful eyes. Care to join me on the dance floor? Can I buy you some termites? Just a couple, okay? You know, we could go back to my place -- I've got some etchings I think you'd like to see. Have you noticed how long and prehensile my nose is? I bet you've never had anyone with a nose as big as mine. I can reach depths you've never dreamed of with this schnoz. You wouldn't believe how deep I can get into the mound -- termite mound, I mean. Come on, gimme some sugar, baby. It's the best way to get the ants out of your pants..."

rootbeer277 sez: "Actually this is from Fritz the Cat. The full quote is: 'Ever made it with an aardvark before? It's a rare opportunity you know, we're scarce.'"

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