Clare Gibson's Witches 2001 Calendar.


The Zodiacal month of:

Capricorn - Ruled by the Planet Saturn AND Aquarius- Ruled by the Planet Uranus

Although January falls in the depths of winter, the winter solstice that occurs in December heralds the rebirth of the Sun, its burgeoning masculine power, and the gradual lengthening of the days. As we anticipate the coming year, like the double-headed Roman godJanus(the guardian of the gateway between the other world and Earth after whom January is named),we also reflect on the past year, drawing lessons from its events, resolving to make positive changes, and setting personal targets for the new year. In classical times Roman citizens exchanged strenae, the attributes of the goddess Strenia, in the hope that she would make the year a sweet and fragrant one. Other benign Roman goddesses honored during January include, Carmenta, the goddess of childbirth, the mother goddesses Juno and Tellus Mater, and the goddesses of peace and harmony, Pax and Concordia. In addition, the veneration of deitiesfrom other traditions, including the Egyptian supreme goddess Isis, such fertility goddesses as the Sumerian Inanna, the Assyro-Babylonian Ishtar, and the Norse Freyja, along with healing deities like Sekhmet and the Roman Salus, testify to our Pagan forebears' fervent hopes that the new year would be a fruitful, happy, and healthy one.

Monday 1, 2001: New Year's Day - Dedicated to Strenia, the Roman goddess of the new year.
Tuesday 2: Day after New Years (NZ) - Birth of Inanna, the Sumerian sky and fertility goddess. Advent of the Egyptian supreme goddess Isis.
Wednesday 3: Lenaia festival, dedicated to Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and fertility. " Deer Dances" celebrated by the Pueblo peoples.
Thursday 4: Perihelion.Korean Chiseong-je ("Sacrifice to the Seven Stars") festival.
Friday 5: Koreion festival, dedicated to the Greek maiden goddess Kore. Jeane Dixon born (1918).
Saturday 6: Epiphany(Christianity). Koliada, the Russian goddess of time, honored. St. Joan of Arc born (1412).
Sunday 7: Sacred to Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war and healing, and the Japanese creator goddess Izanami.
Monday 8: Sacred to Freyja, the Norse fertility goddess.
Tuesday 9: Total Lunar Eclipse. Sacred to Egyptian supreme goddess Isis. Birth of "Old Dorothy" Clutterbuck (1880).
Wednesday 10: "Feast of Dreams" festival celebrated by the Iroquois.
Thursday 11: Carmentalia festival, celebrating the birth of girls.
Friday 12: Dedicated to Lares, the Roman household goddesses.
Saturday 13: Druid " Feast of Brewing in ancient times. Austria repels antiwitchcraft laws (1787).
Sunday 14: Salem witch-trial jurors confess error (1696).
Monday 15: Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday(observed) Carmentalia festival celebrating the birth of boys.
Tuesday 16:Betoro Bromo, the fire god of Mount bromo, honored by Indonesian Buddhists.
Wednesday 17: "Wassailing the Apple Trees" performed by Celtic Britons.
Thursday 18: -----
Friday 19: Thorrablottar- "Husband's day," once sacred to the Norse sky and thunder god Thor - celebrated in Iceland.
Saturday 20: -----
Sunday 21: Sacred to Yngona, the Danish goddess of destruction.
Monday 22: Dedicated to Concordia, the Roman goddess of harmony.
Tuesday 23: Sacred to Hathor, the Egyptian mother goddess.
Wednesday 24: Chinese New Year- Year of the Snake (first day); Wellington Anniversary(NZ). "Blessing of the Candle of the Happy Women" celebrated in Hungary.
Thursday 25: Chinese New Year (2nd day)- Neptune-Sun connection.
Friday 26: Chinese New Year (3rd day); Australia Day.
Saturday 27: Sacred to Ishtar, the Assyro-Babylonian fertility goddess.
Sunday 28: -----
Monday 29: Birth of Emmanuel Swedenborg(1688).
Tuesday 30: Feriae Sementiva- Roman " Festival of Spring." Up-Helly-Aa fire festival celebrated in the Shetland Isles.
Wednesday 31: Auckland/Northland Anniversary(NZ) ; Festival of Kuan-Yin, goddess of mercy and compassion, in China. Festival of Sarasvati, goddess of knowledge in Nepal.

Enjoy January... February coming soon!

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