There are many Pagan holidays out there, and the difference between these and many other types of holidays is that the Pagan ones usually have a connection with nature and the seasons rather than being a commemoration of an event in history. Most of the holidays are cyclical in nature and are sometimes referred to as the Wheel of the Year. Others correspond to the stars, the planets, and the moon.

The eight holidays that celebrate the cyclical lives of the God and Goddess are referred to as the Sabbats:

The moon's phases are also watched carefully, and certain places of the moon's cycle (like the New Moon and especially the Full Moon) are celebrated as holidays, or Esbats.

All the holidays are usually considered a good time for magickal workings, and the moon's phase is taken into consideration for best results. Most holidays have their own special decorations, colors, clothes, and foods. My list of the holidays above outlines each holiday's customs in moderate detail.

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