One day suddenly, you receive 12 UCHU- guided bombs. What do you do?
'Suicidal explodion' game with new feelings. Blow up self to involve enemies!

Every Extend is a freeware game for the PC, first released on March 25, 2004 by the Japanese developer OMEGA. While not technically a shooter (you don't shoot anything), the feel is similar: there are bosses, powerups, and large numbers of enemies.

Every Extend's gameplay is simple: you must repeatedly detonate yourself to destroy chains of marshmallow-shaped enemies. The more you destroy at a time, the more points you receive. Once your points reach a certain threshold, you get another life, and the threshold increases. To avoid running out of bombs, a smart player will try to gain a life for each life he loses through self-detonation (hence the game's name).

The game is not very long (a few minutes at most); so, like many shooters, the fun is derived from repeated playing, seeking a high score. You can play Every Extend when you have very little time or spend hours honing your technique. This is one of those games you can play over and over and over and over and never get sick of it. I haven't yet.

Gameplay is Every Extend's focus, but the graphics and music are also superb. The game's visuals have a consistent, clean look, and cel shading is used to great effect. The light and heavy modes each have different background music; "ABA HEDRON" gets its own fast-paced theme.


An enemy's color indicates its behavior:

Just explodes. No special properties.
Explodes to release a green score-increasing item.
Explodes to release a "quicken item," which increases the speed at which enemies move. The more quicken items you have, the longer your chains usually get.
Gray and Yellow
Explodes after a delay. Only appears in heavy mode.
In heavy mode, every enemy emits three blue bullets after it dies.

There are also larger, stationary mini-bosses that appear occasionally to shoot in a spiral pattern. When destroyed, they release an item that adds 10 seconds to the clock. It is important to collect these items, since more time means more chances for points.


A boss will appear when the time remaining drops below a certain value (4 * (# of quicken items + 5) seconds). Bosses die in one hit; the challenge is destroying them at the end of a long chain. The longer the chain used to destroy the boss, the larger the point bonus.

The boss is different for heavy and light modes, and there are several forms of each:

Light Mode: AKR I-C-E

  1. Spread Sword: sprays blue bullets in your direction.
  2. Reflector: fires a stream of bouncing red bullets.
  3. Keep U Movin': fires blue bullets in a straight line and bouncing red bullets in an arc.

Heavy Mode: Kw MOTOR

  1. Celestial Rotater: emits blue shots in a spiral pattern.
  2. Triple Phase Induction: fires clusters of blue shots.
  3. Quial with Graham Berry: three parts of the boss break off and join the boss in firing blue shots.
  4. Yakeppachi: fires a barrage of blue bullets and red reflecting bullets in all directions.

There is another boss, more difficult than Kw MOTOR, for you to fight in Heavy mode. One of the following conditions must be satisfied before it will appear:

  • Your score is greater than 800,000, you have more than 4 remaining lives, and you have collected 7 quicken items.
  • Your score is less than 100,000, you have more than 4 remaining stock, and you have collected 7 quicken items.
  • You have collected more than 7 quicken items.

Heavy Mode Alternate: ABA HEDRON

  1. Tri-force: fires blue shots in a triple pattern; to destroy the boss requires 20 chain or greater.
  2. Emissive: fires alternating blue and red (reflective) bursts; boss destruction requires 25 chain or greater.
  3. Pincer Attack: fires only red bursts; this form requires 30 chain to destroy.
  4. Colosseum: fires white and green enemies; to destroy this form requires a whopping 40 chain, but the enemies it shoots make this easier.
  5. The Seven.I LUV U: fires white and green enemies in a different pattern; this form has no chain requirement.

You can download Every Extend for free at

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