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There's only so long
Anyone can keep on,
Living dunce til dawn.

"Sir, I admit your general rule
That every poet is a fool."

Sitting on a toilet with pants rolled down to my feet,
I nearly forgot what porcelain souvenir I came for
A passing memory
Or water dream folklore.

"How old are you anyway?"

I'll take another, please
And thank you for asking.

Riding west from the house of the setting sun
I've been lost a lonely thousand years
My third eye saddle, cries a million tears.

Push open the saloon door
I'm ready to throw my boots on the table
Pour me a stout beer
I'll let you hear my dying fable,
About Adam and Eve and the Wild, Wild West
How I scalped the strongest men
And married the very best.

That was only a century's time
My brain bleeds forever sublime
A leak's abound to happen
Using only black and white lines.

There's no stopgap or levee
For pouring technicolor pageantry
No guidebook or map on
The blooming interstellar giver's tree.

The view from the top might be more clear
But I don't climb to a branch above,
I just sit and whittle with no fear
A fool, carving words of love.

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