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This film rated PG-13 for language, slacking, and references to obscure body parts.

...A long time ago,
on a server not very far away,
lived a realm,where anything is possible...

It's thought-provoking...
If God became a man THEN what would He be like?" or "Did Jesus possess the attributes of God?" To begin to answer this question, we must first answer another question, namely, why would God become man?
- s_alanet

It's funny...
Top ten things to do when you are at the mall:
10. Shop (not recommended)
9. Excercise
8. Go up the down escalator
7. Throw pennies into the fountain
6. Get pennies out of the fountain
5. Pretend you are a mime
- Tannor

Sometimes it's even downright strange...
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's Spam Spread, everyone's favorite maybe-meat in a convenient pre-chewed form to make it easy to spread on a variety of flour products. Share and enjoy!
- getzburg

Blindly running head-long into theaters one of these days.

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