A symptom that may present itself when your sysadmin returns from 8 months sick leave and looks at some old logs, then notices 2 million requests for pages under everything2.com... (Of course if you are the sysadmin...things are different...)

Soon after that your boss will come out, try and find you, and 2 weeks later (after following you in from the carpark) realise that you are hiding under your desk, and then break the news to you...

Of course you don't leave until security drag you away from your computer, and tear away the keyboard you are clutching in your arms as you try to node your experience.

After they arrest you for beating security to death with a computer keyboard you will use your only phone call to call up the guy that hacks in the adjacent cubicle and ask him nicely to pull out a handkerchief and press enter on the bloody keyboard which is lying on the floor... in order to submit your half-written node... "Don't worry, I'll still get +1 XP even if its not finished! Hahahaha!" you say... as you tuck in the palm pilot which is sticking out of your pocket.

This is not a true story... All characters depicted are fictional... Any resemblance to real life happenings is purely accidental

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