This, as you can tell from the title, is a plea:
    If you see me in E2 between 7am and 6pm EST M-F, please chide me severely! I mean really, i should be in for a heavy berating! I need to be scolded, and scolded good, for noding whilst at work.
oh, please. i may pout, i may plead, but it's formyowngood, and you have my permission to use whatever implement you prefer to effect this.

I guess i've given up my fight. The abuse, what little i got, was too much fun. I can't stay away, i haven't yet lost my job(yet!). But for my next job, i think i'll have to get one where i won't be GUILTY about spending this much time on E2, or where i wouldn't be ABLE to. Either way.. i'd prefer for this to BE my job. Now THAT would be perfect.

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