Think about it for a minute. Everything, both good and bad about high school moves forward with you in life growing and morphing to either become more or less important.

You go to high school. You have your populars, your weirds, your geeks, your jocks, your sluts all divided into little entities. You have rumors and sadness and friends and good times. Everyone is pretty silly, but hey -- it's high school after all.

Flash forward to college. You still have sluts, jocks, geeks, and weirds, only now everyone is a little popular within their own group. You've managed to somehow take the bad of high school and make it a little less bad, while at the same time, making the good a little better (beer and drugs help).

Flash forward to the office. The office sees all of the bad of high school magnified. Why? Because people have even less of a life now than they ever had. Instead of cligues, you now have your warring factions in the workplace. You still have your geeks, weirds, jocks, and sluts. Except now, instead of populars, you have managers who get promoted because of good hair.

Finally, the high school resurfaces in a new and improved element in the form of online communities like E2.I love the concept of this site, but we still have a lot of the bad things most of us would like to leave back in high school.


The whole datagirl ordeal makes me sick.
I can't even understand how, with so many smart people hanging here something like this
could happen. Let everyone do their thing.


If you have a problem with a user, keep it to yourself. If you don't like a node, vote it down. If you do like a node, cool it or vote it up. I don't have many friends here- I may say something in the Chatterbox from time to time, but for the most part, I just keep quiet, node, read other's nodes, and vote. Here, instead of jocks, we have comedians. We're all weirds and we're all geeks. These are all good. The populars are now called M-Noders (which is another good thing). But, in the place of sluts, we now have XP Whores. Let's work on improving the good and getting rid some of the bad. It's our community and up to us to shape.

See Also: Everything High School for a who's who in our senior class.
I've gotten this before from many other people. High school seems to be the metaphorical cornerstone of most people's lives. I, on the other hand, did not go to high school. What does this mean for my cultural and social consciousness? That I lack a near-ubiquitous social substrate? Sometimes it would indeed seem so.

At the same time, sometimes I'm glad I missed the banality and the other negative aspects of high school, but lacking experiential knowledge of the subject, I cannot truly say whether I'd rather have been raised differently.

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