I absolutely hated high school. I didn't attend the average American high school. I went to an expatriate school in Shanghai, where all the kids' parents were very high up in the corporate ladder, which immediately put me out of place. Like a New England prep school, except the quality of education was much poorer. This school costs as much as my sister's college does, which was totally absurd. Good thing it came out of the corporate account. Anyways....

I don't need to dwell on just how senselessly spoilt these brats were. Rich bored kids. Bad combination. The existence of an environment of like-minded fools proliferates idiocy, and it was taken to the extremes here. The inhabitants of this slime hole had negligible intelligence and spent all their time making sure they are popular and well-liked, and blowing monstrous sums of money on such inane things as REAL American food (we are in China, Yankee food costs a fair bit). The ability to procure such items that are not of the "sucky Chinese kind" (quote) demands respect. Stupid, eh?

It gets worse. The teachers here are generally of low quality, with the exception of a few. The bad teachers are the ones that let the brats run wild, don't teach, and are gullible to cheerleaders sucking up to them. The good teachers (there was about 2 of them) didn't let these fools do anything they want, so they were hated, except by us, the "out" crowd. My economics teacher was cool. He introduced me to fiscal conservatism.

I'm sure it isn't so in all American high schools, but every single high schooler I've met is deluded, disrespectful, and extremely out of touch with the real world. While the girls gossip all day long about sex, makeup, cosmetics, bikinis and sex, the guys talk about sex, sex, sports, sex, sex and pretend this is what real life is all about, while alienating people who don't act like them because they are "geeks". I've had a very bad high school experience, that's all.

But in the end, who gets the last laugh? While these rich bored kids went 2.0 GPA's and go to community college even though they are so very loaded, the poor geek goes to Ivy League! Who's the sucker now?

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